“TV is like theatre. You can’t enjoy it without a programme.”

Walter Annenberg

LITTLE KINGDOM MEDIA has had television at the heart of our operation since we began. Our founders come from the television industry and as such we strive to maintain our creative presence within the sector.

Our production team is small, but talented. With a surprising list of unique skillsets that allow us to create beautiful and engaging programmes at great value. We’ve worked across the world with all kinds of people, from celebrities to your average Joe, and are always professional, hard working and yet somehow, easy going.

We’ve produced a variety of shows in our time, and as such are able to run with projects that are either still being conceived, or have been filmed and need an editors touch. Either way, if you’re looking for an affordable and friendly, award winning production company, then look no further.

Television Production

Creating a television show is not for the feint hearted. But if executed well can bring a huge sense of accomplishment, fabulous financial returns and in some cases even stardom.


Developing a programme or series starts with an initial idea, which we then need to stress test. Ultimately you’ll want a viewing audience and so we need to know the five W’s:

  • Who will watch it?
  • What are they watching it?
  • Why are they watching it?
  • Where should they watch it?
  • When will they watch it?

It seems simple enough but this process is enormously important when we start developing a programme or series. We’ll work with you through this process, coming up with ideas, some research, estimated budgets, contacting partners and of course the all important pitch deck.


We are incredibly proud of our talented production team. This small group of men and women constantly reveal their passion for the art and their dedication to creating great programming. Most of our team are experienced self-shooting producer/directors (SSPD’s), and all have editing experience. It mean’s we all know what needs doing, how to set up quickly, what we need to capture and what will look good as an end product. You know the saying ‘Time is money’? Well this is ever true in video production and so we pride ourselves on great quality, at quick speed.

Outside of LITTLE KINGDOM we have an amazing list of talented specialists that are our go-to for those more complex shoots. Underwater cameras, drone operators, presenters or make-up. Whatever the size of the programme, we’ll know exactly who to bring in.

Post Production Facility

Storytelling. If we could use one word to describe our passion it is that one. Everything we do is about telling a story and it’s in the cutting room where that ‘jigsaw’ is put together.¬†Our highly experienced team have been assembling stories for 20 years, and even though the technology and workflow has changed, the art of captivating an audience is very much the same.

We have also developed a reputation for fixing broken programmes. One that we’re immensely proud of. So if you have a ton of footage and you aren’t sure how to put it together don’t worry, our Edit Producer has the skills to solve the problem from you. Once the team get stuck in, you’ll be amazed at the results.

At LITTLE KINGDOM we are set up with most of the major edit suites including AVID, ADOBE and FINAL CUT PRO and switching back and forth is just part of the job. We pride ourselves on being able to finish great programmes in a short space of time, to spec, to quality, and that are entertaining.

Our Work