“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.”

Immanuel Kant

Despite all the research, performance indicators and individual life experience, some businesses still look at a video as a luxury expense, perhaps made once a year. However as marketing spend online continues to rise, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms all say that video is going to grab the attention of your customers and help your business thrive.

So how can you afford to make regular video content without breaking the bank account? Well, we might be able to help.

Little Kingdom Media offers competitive consultation contracts where for a fixed, low cost monthly price, we will make our services available to you when you need us. For an agreed time, we become your very own experienced video marketing department without you having to pay thousands of pounds for equipment and staff.


Globetrotter Television is a Sky channel that produces and broadcasts travel and tourism documentaries to audiences throughout the UK.

On a regular basis Little Kingdom Media provides general post production services to their production teams, mostly in the form of graphics and programme finishing. Occasionally we are asked to handle the editing of an entire programme or series, and even production support.

Globetrotter compensates Little Kingdom Media with a fixed regular payment each month, equal to a base number of working days provided. Additional days, or projects that exceed this are negotiated and invoiced separately at the same rate.

Globetrotter enjoy easy budgeting, access to our professional team and incredibly flexibility essential for their busy and sometimes unpredictable business schedules. As for us, well, we get to work on some great projects and occasionally get to travel the world.

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